How To Submit A Roof Damage Claim To Help You Pay For Roof Replacement

Are you among the 85% of homeowners with a homeowner's insurance cover? A home insurance cover can help reduce your roof replacement cost if the damage on your roof is within the insurance policy.  However, the first step involves filing your claim. In order for your claim to be successful, you need to use the correct procedure. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to file your claim.

Go Through the Policy to Understand What Roof Damage It Covers

Did you extensively go through the policy before signing it? Go through the policy thoroughly to identify which type of roof damage coverage the company offers. Often, insurance companies offer coverage for roof replacement and repair. In roof replacement, the company covers costs for the homeowner to replace a roof that has been damaged beyond repair. 

For many roof repair services, the company aims to reimburse some percentage of the cost which the homeowner incurs during the repair. Insurance companies barely cover all roof damages. Therefore, if it's still unclear whether your policy covers the damage on your roof, reach out to your insurance provider and seek further clarification.

Document the Extent of Damage and File Your Claim

Now that it's clear what roofing damage your policy covers, it's time to file your claim if your roof damage is within the established scope. Start by documenting the extent of the damage by taking pictures. If possible, assess the damage to your roof and the home's interior and include it in the report. Alternatively, you can call in a reliable roofing contractor for damage assessment and expert inspection.

Also, note the date on which the damage occurred and what caused the damage. Once you've gathered everything you need, you can submit your claim and make sure you provide all the supporting documents. Note that most insurance companies require their clients to file their claims within a predetermined time frame after the event.

Hire a Roofing Contractor for Inspection

After submitting your claim, consider hiring a professional roofing company for a thorough and reliable inspection. The experts will look for any cause of damage and, on completion, will file their findings and submit the report to your insurance provider.

Follow the steps above while looking to submit your claim. Remember to first go through the policy to determine whether the policy covers the damage. For more information, reach out to a local home insurance company, such as Oliveira Insurance Agency.