Life Changes That Alter Your Insurance Needs

As you encounter changes in your life, you may need to make adjustments to your insurance coverage. Nevertheless, you will likely want the most extensive coverage that you can afford. Here are a few reasons that many people request changes to their insurance plans and how they may minimize coverage costs.

A New Driver in the Family

If your child is now old enough to drive, you may be teaching them the basics of driver safety. Over time, they will become increasingly comfortable with operating a vehicle and may receive their driver's license. As a result, your auto insurance coverage may need to be expanded to cover your child.

Still, coverage for a teen driver may cause a substantial increase in your insurance costs. Thus, you may have to relegate your child to driving only one of your vehicles. Additionally, you may desire to adjust the coverage on vehicles used solely by adult family members to only include items that you deem fully necessary. If a vehicle is old, unless it is considered a classic, you may choose to avoid full coverage because the cost to replace the vehicle may be relatively low.

Also, there are additional ways to minimize the cost of coverage, such as having your child attend a driver's safety course. Many insurance companies allow discounts for young drivers who have completed approved training that could reduce the likelihood of an auto accident.

A New Baby

The addition of one child to your health insurance plan may not have a significant impact on your plan costs if you have other children who are already covered by your plan. However, if you are the only person currently covered by your health insurance, a new baby or the adoption of a child will change your insurance needs. Family coverage is typically offered at a higher cost than individual coverage. 

Nevertheless, you can minimize costs by adjusting your coverage amount or deductible. Also, ask your insurance agent about the cost differences between various coverage options, such as PPO or HMO plans. A PPO plan may be a bit more expensive but usually offers greater flexibility and more expansive coverage. An HMO is usually relatively inexpensive, but it is more restrictive, only covering services performed by a specific network of providers.

Regardless of the changes to your family's needs, your insurance agent will be able to explain the available options and help you request an insurance quote that fits within your budget.